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Yksi Ontwerp wins Sanoma Woon Award

Congratulations go out to Yksi Ontwerp, the design studio based in Eindhoven has won a Sanoma Woon Award.

By Editor / 29-11-2012

Eindhoven gallery design shop and studio Yksi has won the Sanoma Woon Award for ‘Best Home Professional 2012’. Yksi and its team received the award thanks to distinction in vision, innovation, perseverance, talent, wilfulness and originality. Yksi has created a special world. Love and passion for the profession is their motive.

Trough the Sanoma Woon Awards (Sanoma Home Living Awards), interior magazines and  websites aim to put special people, products and performances in the spotlights. According to Leonne Cuppen, co-owner of Yksi Ontwerp “Those spotlights are now aimed at Yksi because “we keep surprising and renewing. We are constantly ahead of the crowd. Take Yksi Expo where varying exhibitions are on show. Just like the Yksi shop we focus on Dutch design and young talents and create a bridge between design and art, architecture and technology. A visit to Yksi is always a guarantee for the necessary inspiration. Even if Eindhoven is too far away, there is an extensive online shop.”

Yksi also has its own design studio, Yksi Ontwerp, which produces both furniture as complete interiors. The common denominator is that everything is produced on Dutch soil, real Dutch design.

Sanoma Woon Awards 2012
Samona Media is Hollands’ largest public media company, publisher of several magazines, websites and events, among which are Eigen Huis en Interieur, VT Wonen and the Woonbeurs Amsterdam. In the home living section, Sanoma yearly hosts the Woon Awards which go to companies providing a special or important contribution to the home market. 

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