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Wool Diaries

Three young Dutch fashion designers have been selected to work in close collaboration with the Textile Museum to use wool in innovative and sophisticated ways.  They will both create the fabrics then design a mini collection.

By Editor / 31-01-2013

Three young Dutch fashion designers will raise wool to new heights this February in the Wool Diaries project. Borre Akkersdijk, Oda Pausma and Pauline van Dongen have taken up a challenge by Premsela and the TextielMuseum to use the fibre, which has been used for centuries, in novel, sophisticated ways.

The designers will work in the Tilburg museum's TextielLab, individually weaving and knitting new materials. Then they'll return to their own ateliers to turn them into mini-collections of two or three innovative, sustainable garments each.

The TextielMuseum will exhibit the mini-collections from Saturday 27 April through Sunday 29 September. An accompanying film will take viewers through the design process, while sketches, samples and documents will reveal the designers' respective ways of working.

All three designers are known for innovative, boundary-pushing work. The selection criteria stipulated they had to be recent graduates and have produced at least three collections. The assignment challenges them to work outside their usual frames of reference with the aim of bringing about innovative, sustainable wool designs.

Borre Akkersdijk, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate and 2012 Mini Young Designer Award winner, works under the brand name ByBorre, cooperating closely with a graphic designer and using longstanding techniques in fresh ways.

Pauline van Dongen, a graduate of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and Fashion Institute Arnhem, is known for her sculptural clothing, which marries high technology with traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

Oda Pausma, who studied at AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute and the Fashion Institute Arnhem and took part in the prestigious Hyères fashion and photography festival in 2011, creates collections characterised by a flowing, feminine, restrained style.

Wool Diaries engages with three themes important to today's fashion industry: textile innovation, the value of fashion and its heritage, and sustainability. With this design assignment, Premsela and the TextielMuseum seek to emphasise the importance of experimentation, historical research, and the innovative use of wool and related techniques.

Wool Diaries is a joint project of Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion – part of the New Institute – and the TextielMuseum.

It is made possible by the Woolmark Company.

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