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What to see at LDF 2013 presents some Dutch highlights of the upcoming London Design Festival which will be held from 14-22 September at various locations around the English capital. 

By Editor / 15-08-2013

From furniture design to fashion, photography and street art, they are all part of this year’s London Design Festival. Let’s have a look at what the Netherlands has to offer at the upcoming event. 

The Dinner Party / True-to-Life Design by Scholten & Baijings
London Design Festival at the V&A

14-22 September

In galleries and museums, design objects are frequently displayed on pedestals or in glass vitrines but rarely in something resembling the everyday living environment for which they were conceived. The Norfolk House Music Room in the British Galleries provides a theatrical backdrop for Scholten & Baijing’s “The Dinner Party”, where visitors are invited to interrupt a dinner party in session. This seemingly lived-in but recently deserted ‘stage set’ creates a more natural and adventurous way of viewing designed objects, particularly glassware, ceramics, polished steel, textile, furniture and carpets.


OverNight by Odd Matter

14-22 September
Vessel Gallery

Odd Matter design studio consists of Dutch Els Woldhek & Bulgarian Georgi Manassiev. Currently working in London where the pair met whilst undertaking their MA studies in the Design Products department at The Royal College of Art. The latest OverNight collection and first for Vessel Gallery takes traditional copper plating techniques as their starting point, stained glass panels are held in place by copper strips which are immersed over night in copper plating bath. It is during these twilight hours that the pieces literally continue to grow as the copper bonds together, producing unpredictable surface decoration and texture which hold the piece as one. From an initial ordered structure based on the crystalline formation of the actual copper solution used, these pieces take on a life of their own resulting in no two pieces ever being the same.


Ben Sherman presents OKAY studio & friends “Loose Thread”

15-22 September
Mod_ular Blanc

Referencing bolts, screws and clothing, as well as the narrative that ties together various aspects of a story, the exhibition pivots around the very idea of producing work for a specific context collectively.

Working independently as internationally established professionals while sharing a physical space together as a studio, the inspiration behind the exhibition comes from experiencing ‘loose threads’ of divergent ideas, knowledge and common goals often found within such a close creative group environment.

With the title of the show as the catalyst for ideas, OKAYstudio & friends will be exhibiting a variety of objects from the familiar to the more obscure, multiples and limited editions to singular prototypes all based on individual interpretation, be it a literal or more philosophical approach.

Endless Stair
London Design Festival

14-22 September
Tate Modern

Installed outside Tate Modern, the towering structure will invite visitors to climb and explore a series of 15 Escher-like interlocking staircases made from a prefabricated construction using 44 cubic metres of American tulipwood donated by AHEC members. As a viewpoint, Endless Stair provides breath-taking views along the River Thames.

The complex construction is designed by Alex de Rijke, Co-Founder of dRMM Architects and Dean of Architecture at the Royal College of Art, working closely with engineers at Arup. De Rijke has described timber as ‘the new concrete’, predicting that it will be the dominant construction material of the 21st Century.

Magnetic Fields
Tord Boontje 

14-22 September
Tord Boontje Shop

Tord Boontje’s 1991 graduation project was an investigation into interference pigments; he has revisited this exploration culminating in new work: Magnetic Fields. Cast resin slabs with an eerie depth and beautiful embedded 3-dimensional patterns of electro magnetic movement allude to dark sci-fi.

Late night: Tuesday 17th September as part of Shoreditch Design Triangle


Marloes ten Bhömer: A Measurable Factor Sets the Conditions of its Operation. In collaboration with Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston University
London Design Festival at the V&A

16 September 14:00-15:00

The high-heeled woman is a complex construct, one designed for and ultimately sanctioned to the man-made environment. Join Marloes ten Bhömer, Stanley Picker Fellow at Kingston University, as she discusses her research into 'the woman in motion' as an engineering problem.


Find your way home to Moooi's Unexpected Welcome at Moooi London

16-21 September
Moooi London

Moooi London will be magically transformed into several iconic and colourfully dressed living quarters. The interiors will be dressed with an irresistible blend of exquisite richness, and colourful playfulness including items from the current collection & many new creations.

Images: 1. LDF logo 2. ‘Luxiurious Dinner Party / True-to-Life Design‘ © Scholten & Baijings, 2013 Photography Inga Powilleit 3. Tord Boontje 4. Marloes ten Bhömer 5. LDF campaign image


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