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Ventura Interieur

Organisation in Design launches Ventura Interieur at Biennale Interieur Kortrijk.

By Katie Dominy / 08-11-2012

Timed over the same nine days as Dutch Design Week (DDW), Belgium’s Biennale Interieur 2012 has a long history stretching back to 1968 – compared to the eleven-year-old teenage upstart DDW. The advent of the biennale’s new President of the Interieur Foundation, Lowie Vermeersch, who was also this year’s curator of the event, has brought sweeping changes; a new design district to the fair in the city’s centre, installations by seven designers instead of one guest of honour and the creation of Ventura Interieur by Organisation in Design.

Operating out of Utrecht, Organisation in Design is best known for Ventura Projects, especially the Ventura Lambrate initiative that has been taking upcoming talents and design schools to Milan since 2010. spoke to the company’s Margo Konings and Margriet Vollenberg about the new project that saw 70 participants spread across the various biennale locations.

How did you come to be involved in Biennale Interieur?

“We were invited by Lowie Vermeersch, the curator of Biennale Interieur 2012 to create the very first edition of Ventura Interieur. Lowie put a great trust in us and gave us 'carte blanche’. In Kortrijk we presented a diverse mix of design projects, objects and collections created by individual designers, design collectives, new brands, art and design academies and institutions at several locations within Biennale Interieur. Through this platform, Ventura Interieur aimed to show the audience what is happening in contemporary design nowadays and in the broader cultural sectors related to the design world.”
A wide mix of talents, the Dutch designers and studios showing at the fair included Floris Hovers, Marc de Groot, MVOS, Ontwerpbureau Nightshop, Vij5, RJW Elsinga, Barry Rengelink, Chris Ruhe Meubelkunst, Joyce Flendrie, Marko Vuijk, Robert van Embricqs, Inside of Mobile, plus the schools ABKM Maastricht and ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The Xpo area also saw Dutch stylists Kamer 465 and photographer Arjan Benning working in a pop-up photo studio during the biennale to bring together and photograph different products from the fair.
Back to Organisation in Design - What are your thoughts on the new central space at Buda Island?

“For us these locations are very interesting to work with, because they are all different and they have their own, strong characteristics, which create interesting challenges for us. And we like those challenges. The atmosphere at Buda Island was really positive and the exhibitors praised the good vibe there. Neither we or the biennale could predict beforehand if professional visitors would be willing to find the Island and come into the city of Kortrijk. But we were very positively surprised, because the number of visitors was even better than we had hoped for, for this first edition.”

Tell us about two or three designers or projects that you introduced this session into Ventura Interieur?

“In the Buda Island district, I would like to point out the IN Residence project which is always really strong conceptually together with some new names that were with us like designer Andrea Brena who did live performances during Ventura Interieur and Marked who have created a platform to put a selection of talented Belgium designers onto the market.

“What was really exciting for us was to have the new label Vij5 and the new production company DHPH at Ventura Interieur on the Xpo location, where they were very successful. These were particularly interesting because they are not only 'edgy' in their products, but they are also not traditional in their backgrounds.

“Vij5 is a label founded by two designers, graduates from the Design Academy Eindhoven, who chose to take a different route then one would expect by starting their own independent label with avant-garde design.
DHPH derived from Baas & Den Herder, the producer of Maarten Baas works. Bas den Herder decided to spread his wings and is now not only working with Baas, but also with Bertjan Pot, Fabien Dumas and other designers, on different products and projects.”

New products from DHPH included new products Disco Dome by Bertjan Pot and Haphazard Harmony tableware by Maarten Baas, while Vij5 had NewspaperWood Tabloid Table as a new product and three existing products the Lloop lamp, the stool Wrapped and Le Belge System reworked in a new pink colour.

We spoke with Anieke Branderhorst, cofounder of Vij5, who told us: “We had lots of different visitors, but mostly professional visitors (especially during the professional days of course), such as (interior) architects, shops, press etc. But also a lot of consumers and a lot of young families! Our impressions of Biennale Interieur were very positive, we enjoyed being there and thought the overall quality of the fair was really good. Also the area of Ventura Interieur was very well curated and the link to the city centre of Kortrijk was a nice addition.”

Main image: DHPH
Other images: 1. Woven by Bram Vanderbeke 2. foreground Sampling, background Mathias De Ferm 3. Marc de Groot Design 4. Vij5 5. Marked 6. Organisation in Design’s Margo Konings and Margriet Vollenberg (front of image) at Interieur Bistrot by DesignMarketo, photo Wouter van Vaerenbergh 7. Andrea Brena, Buda Island, photo Wouter van Vaerenbergh 8. Robert van Embricqs, photo Wouter van Vaerenbergh 9. ABK Maastricht, Photo credits Organisation in Design 10. Floris Hovers, Biennale Xpo, photo Organisation in Design 11. Inside of Mobile works by Jeroen Wand, Dik Scheepers, Mieke Meijer at Buda Island, photo Organisation in Design 

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