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Underpants dress by Antoine Peters

For the exhibition Object Abuse, KesselsKramer challenged a group of leading designers, artists and stylists to transform an everyday object into something completely different.

By Editor /asdf 07-09-2011

From 2 until 25 September, the KesselsKramer Outlet presents the exhibition Object Abuse in London. The challenge was to use as little additional material as possible.

Dutch fashion designer Antoine Peters has also given a new look to an everyday object and knitted a dress from panties, thongs and underpants; 'the Knickers Dress'.

Peters: "What could be more everyday than our knickers? This seemed like a good starting point. I collected as much underwear as I could, cut it into strips, tied the strips together and knitted a dress. I used every single part of the panties. From afar it's a beautiful colourful dress but close up you discover and will be surprised by the fact that it's made entirely from knickers."

KK Outlet explains that Object Abuse isn't just meant to show how materials can be used, but also to show that working with our hands can make us think differently and generate new ideas over and above working through concepts on screen.

Antoine Peter's 'Knickers Dress' and the creations by the other artists are on sale during the exhibition. The proceeds will be donated to the St Monicas of Hackney Primary School Art Department.

The entire series of transformed objects is on show from 2 until 5 September at the KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square London and is part of the London Design Festival and the ICON Design Guide.

Other participants include All of Us, Anneke Jakobs Jeroen Wand, Deadgood, F.A.T., Femke Agema, Koen Tasselaar and Lernert and Sander.

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