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Theo Jansen Embraces 3D Printing

Theo Jansen's brilliant beach beasts can now be printed for private consumption.  It is an ingenius usage of the technology set to revolutionize design as we know it.

By Editor / 29-11-2012

“Strandbeest” by Theo Jansen brings the best of two worlds. The ingenious walking mechanism combined with 3D printing. And there is even a new evolution - the Animaris Geneticus Ondularis.

Sporting 20 legs this latest evolution has an even more elaborate walking mechanism than its twelve-legged predecessor. The walking mechanism makes a beautiful and fluent wave motion, resembling a walking centipede. This mechanism is based on Jansen’s original ‘Animaris Ondula’ type Strandbeest.

The new Strandbeest is an innovative example of what 3D printing is ultimately capable of. Although the Strandbeest consists of 122 separate moving parts, it is 3D printed in one piece and will work straight after printing, requiring no further assembly.

The Animaris Geneticus Ondularis is available now at Theo Jansen’s Shapeways Shop.

Stephan Fry on QI on the BBC has also taken note of Jansen’s work recently showcasing the “Animaris Geneticus Parvus” version of the 3D printed Strandbeest. 

Images of the 3D printed beasts, which are available here.

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