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The Emergence of Form

An overview of the work of Maria Blaisse will be published next week in a book titled The Emergence of Form

By Editor /asdf 09-05-2013

Form, structure and material are inextricably meshed in the work of Maria Blaisse. 

As Blaisse herself told us last year in reference to her bamboo spherical and oloid structures: “I think these are essential forms. They touch on something very profound. The structure of my forms is the construction, which in turn is the form.”

This could be said about all her work. “My work is a kind of Esperanto, a form language for various materials,” Blaisse (b. 1944) says in the book, which is an overview of 40 years of her work,

The Emergence of Form will be launched on 12 May during an exhibition of her work at De Ketelfactory in Schiedam. For Blaisse there’s always a necessity to produce exactly the right form from a specific material, just as in nature. Throughout the pages the reader visually follows how one form flows naturally from another.

A number of authors discuss Maria Blaisse’s work in the book: dancer/choreographer Kenzo Kusada, designer Issey Mijake, writer Oek de Jong, architect Trude Hooykass, artist Joost Swarte, as well as design curators Alexander von Vegesack and Mathias Schwartz-Clauss. There is also an interview by Claire van Putten where Blaisse expounds on her own fascinating design views.

The Emergence of Form will be presented with the exhibition opening by author Oek de Jong on Sunday 12 May from 3 to 6 pm at De Ketelfactory in Schiedam.

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