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Start date: 16-04-2008
End date: 21-04-2008
Country: Italy
City: Milan
Location: Spazio Rossana Orlandi


Exhibition of Design Academy Eindhoven during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

By Editor / 09-04-2008

Exhibition of Design Academy Eindhoven during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

For a number of years, the exhibition during the Salone has been the platform for the academy’s new graduates. 'Design has come to its senses, integrating old values in a new quality. A calm yet modest and quieter form. The dawn of a serene lifestyle' according to the Design Academy. The pieces on show are imbued with restrained technique and well designed practicability.

Exhibition manifesto
'In order to find itself a permanent nesting place in the 21st century, functionality reborn searches for virgin territory; a refrigerator that can cool, and heat the surroundings, and be a chair, if necessary. A sturdy iron garden table is an outdoor heater rolled into one. Variations in the graininess of salt beg for specifically designed saltcellars, and a contemporary chair wobbles to make our restless bodies feel comfortable. The brass coating of a lamp is both embellishing and conductive. A clothesline makes music while the clothes are slowly drying. Necessity is the mother of invention. Dual functions are typical of the endless possibilities and the flexibility that can lead to the connection of the ordinary and the extraordinary.The materials are ordinary, the colours are neutral, tactility is warm, and the execution controlled. Beauty is reserved for the trained eye of the beholder.'

The exhibition has been curated by Design Academy Chairwoman Li Edelkoort.(Image: Philippe Malouin, Hanger Chair)

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