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Trapped in Suburbia studio takes its Ship of Fools gallery to London’s Pick Me Up contemporary graphic art fair.

By Katie Dominy /asdf 30-03-2012

Located in the central venue of Somerset House, Pick Me Up (PMU), open from March to April 01 2012, features work from studios and collectives in the UK and around the world, including for the first time Ship of Fools.

Each studio is allowed to create its own unique space or installation within the Embankment Galleries of Somerset House and we were keen to see what Ship of Fools had done. Alongside their own Trapped in Suburbia pieces, the gallery is also showing work by Julian Sirre and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk - who had made his own wooden pop-up kiosk, with a fascia featuring bold primary letters spelling out the word FLORIST, showing off his series of hand-pulled screen prints.

We asked Trapped in Suburbia co-founder Karin Langeveld how the exhibition was going. “We've enjoyed ourselves so far and it is well organized. We've noticed that during the week there are a lot of students and we would like to encourage them to ask questions. We've noticed that they take a lot of pictures but are hesitant to speak to you. We are there everyday and for the whole day, so for us it just really nice if people come up to us and have a chat.”

Can you tell us why you chose to show the work of Julian Sirre and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk?

“We wanted to show something Dutch and that is current to the Dutch design scene at this moment. And also we wanted to show something that was a bit different to what was there last year at PMU. We think the work of Julian Sirre is dark, mysterious and atmospheric and in contrast to all the happy colourful pieces in PMU.”

“Jordy van den Nieuwendijk has been with our gallery from the start; we think he is a very talented artist and he keeps evolving his style. He made a kiosk to present his work in and it is a continuation on from a solo exhibition at the Nina Sagt gallery in Dusseldorf where he started this floral theme. Jordy is constantly aiming for the borders between illustration and art and teasing his audience by abstracting his illustrations.”

For their own work on show, Trapped in Suburbia studio have brought to London a risograph triptych whose inspiration is the current society’s obsession with images. “The starting point was typing the word 'Image' into Google Images and then finding the explosion image on the first page. This explosion was divided in 9 pieces and forms the middle part of the triptych. The left and right parts of the triptych are also images of explosions, but of images found randomly on the web. The work is colourful but not for everyone.”

Trapped in Suburbia started about eight year ago by Cuby Gerards and Karin Langeveld and is based in The Hague. “Cuby and I are partners in life and crime and we collected graphic art. Most of it was bought in the UK and it was hard to find in the Netherlands. That's why we wanted to start the Ship of Fools gallery, to create a stage for designers and illustrators and show other creatives what inspires us. The gallery is also a meeting place for creatives and new projects come from the things we organize.”

Main image Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
Other images 2.- 3. Jordy van den Nieuwendijk 4.- 5. Julian Sirre 6.- 7. Trapped in Suburbia

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