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Ride The Rocking Hot Dog

American Chateau Room One: Versailles meets Disneyland in this new series of sculptural design pieces by Dutch/American artist Nienke Klunder and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon.

By Jeanne Tan /asdf 13-08-2009

The aristocratic world of Europe collides with the contemporary everyday culture of the USA in 'American Chateau', a collaboration between American-born/Dutch-raised artist Nienke Klunder and Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. This is the first major collaboration between the two London based artists/designers who first met in Italy in 2003.

The collection of sculptures and images takes inspiration from the opulence of 17th century European furniture and art masterpieces thrown in with the iconic cultural and commercial exports of the USA. For this, Klunder and Hayon questioned how an American castle would look like, decorated with objects made of the highest craftsmanship adorned with icons of mass consumption. In this way, the collection becomes both a critique and celebration of 'American' pop culture. ‘The Rocking Hot Dog’ which was produced by a Formula 1 body manufacturer, is a large playful sculpture upon which the viewer sits, legs straddled. The ‘Donut Madonna’ made from bronze with a doughnut face both celebrates and critiques the world of material longing, cultural influence and the need to consume. The centre-piece ‘Limousine Table’ is a sleek hand-carved solid mahogany table in the form of a limousine with legs made in the shape of an infamous fast food chain logo. A large multi-coloured cabinet 'New York is Miami' looks at the skyscrapers of the American cityscape. Alongside the objects are a series of photographs which pay homage to the American landscape.

The full collection of American Chateau will be launched at Spring Projects, London from 11 September until 22 October 2009.

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