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rENs in BOX

We reported on Dutch design duo rENs during the Milan furniture fair this year and bumped into them again during Dutch Design Week. Now the pair has taken their redscapes to LYNfabrikken in Denmark.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 20-12-2012

Aarhus Denmark is the setting for LYNfabrikken or Lightning Factory, a creative agency which also houses an exhibition space named BOX. Here, Dutch creatives rENs (who are Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren) present their ROOD or RED project.

BOX offers designers, architects and craftsmen a podium for their projects in the form of a shop window. Through a collaboration with carpet manufacturer Ege Carpets, the creatives are challenged to blur the boundaries between art and design. 

For their installation rENs chose to carry on their research into material dyeing. In an ongoing project the two take donated or second-hand clothing which is dyed red, tagged and given a new life as a nod to our consumerist culture. Other materials such as wood, paper and textiles have also undergone a red dye bath, demonstrating the properties of such a seemingly simple action. Using just one red pigment over a thousand different hues can be created. 

For this exhibition various strips of coloured carpet were taken and partially dyed in the pigment. The strips were then hung from a metal bar and rolled out on the ground, giving the whole thing a factory-like appearance. Complemented with materials hung from wire hangers in the colours of the original carpet, the installation offers a wonderful insight into colour research. 

 Other Dutch (schooled) designers who will be entering the BOX next year are Jólan van der Wiel and Mischer’Traxler.

To get an idea of rENs’s work process take a look at the great video below. 

rENs in BOX will be on show at LYNfabrikken until 24 February 2013. 

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