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Questioning the ‘weed pass’

The exhibition Oneliners features five different textual works of art in Breda. With this exhibition KOP looks at the power of words in the public space. Today, 4 October, a sixth work will be added to the exhibition.

By Editor / 04-10-2012

Nowadays slogans, mottos and one liners are part of our visual culture and our vocabulary. Think of famous phrases such as “Make love not war”, “Just Do It”, or the Dutch “Even Apeldoorn Bellen”.

Our streets are a succession of images and we’re flooded with messages by political parties, idealists, washing detergent manufacturers etc. all of which draw our attention. Oneliners by KOP (a museum and organizer of group exhibitions in the public space) looks at the power of text in the public space and shows different ways of bringing across a message.

For Oneliners, five different artists have created works in Breda’s public space. Most of the works are a response to current local news from within the city of Breda. Rotterdam collective A Sick Zine has created a work behind the central station which responds to the nuisance coming from building works due to the construction of the new station. Plekgedichten respond to the financial crisis through a work on the fence of het Valkenbergerpark and Helmut Smits has been inspired by discussions about Sunday openings in Breda.

Today, the work of Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong has been added to the Oneliners exhibition. Through his work, Bruce reacts to the news coverage of the much-discussed ‘weed pass’. He illustrated a scenario in which keeping the pass is strongly criticized. The work by Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong can be viewed on the facade of Catharinastraat 87/89 in the city centre of Breda. The locations of the other works can be found on a map, available to download at KOP’s website.

One-Liners is on show until 28 October and is open 24/7.

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