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After weeks of waiting the very first edition of PUPMAG finally fell on our doormat this week, and it was no disappointment. With an abundance of young talent and interviews with established designers – not to mention great photography – this publication has set the bar high. 

By Cassandra Pizzey /asdf 14-11-2013

New Talent is how PUPMAG describes it’s featured artists and designers for “young has nothin to do with age or years of experience. Young is an attitude, however cliché that may sound.” That explains the presence of such (in the design world established) talents such as Daan Roosegaarde, Nacho Carbonell and Eva Bartels. 

PUP is also quick to note that ‘commerce’ isn’t a dirty word – indeed it is crucial to any non-funded publication. Instead, advertisements and artwork seem to blend into one another. They are definitely there, but instead of printing the ads, the ads have become artworks in themselves. 

The first issue features the disciplines art, design, illustration, music, film, photography, fashion and food. A great read (and visually pleasing too) is the interview between Renee Mennen and Stefanie ban Keijsteren of rENs and Nacho Carbonell. Each of the designers works from a creative process in which experimentation and accidental findings are crucial to the finished product. As designers/artists free from producer restrictions, they are pushing their own creativity to its maximum. 

Another interesting article is formed by an interview between Daan Roosegaarde and Professor of form theory at Delft University, Paul Hekkert. Both operate as pioneers in their respective field, Roosegaarde as designer of interactive technology and artwork, Hekkert at researcher into the emotional and aesthetic value of products. In conversation, the two gentlemen discuss the current state of design education and how students need to start asking more relevant questions, think out of the box. 

White is the central theme in a feature about musical bravoure. Seven musicians are pictured in white outfits but manage to relay a personal sense of style and character. The styling is unconventional and fresh all the way through. Some of the Netherlands’ top male talents are pictured as Dandies, fashion photography is artistic without being naked and there isn’t a single soft-focus filter to be found. 

In short, PUPMAG features a great overview of today’s (mostly) Dutch creative talent – note one or two interviews are printed in English. An interesting mix of disciplines, impeccable styling and understated graphics make the magazine a joy to read.

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