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Alexandra Georgescu has successfully blended conceptual and functional design to create a sort of space divider that provides an exaggerated sense of what many people often seek in public thoroughfares.  It is an extreme but usable reminder that interior architecture too often ignores the senses.

By Editor /asdf 03-01-2013

Romanian interior architect Alexandra Georgescu studied in the Netherlands - firstly at the Piet Zwart Institute, and later earning a Master's in Interior Architecture from the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Georgescu works a lot with the senses and believes that the sensorial experiences within the world of interiors need far more attention.

Her latest work, PullOver is a convertible conversation room where the users explore their sense of touch by interacting and creating their own intimate space.

The project began as a critique on contemporary interiors that are too often lacking in tactile sensations. This exigency came to generate a space that allows tactile perceptions.

In order to investigate the principles of tactility, Georgescu researched materials and shapes that have contact with our bodies; on items that we surround ourselves with in our everyday activities - ever-present objects that are almost like extensions of the skin itself.

By a process that involved separating the items from their original functions, and by giving them another scale, Georgescu discovered new capabilities and functions. When scaled up and placed in interior spatial conditions, these qualities became more defined like.  It is possible to block the view of passersby, making small spaces sound proof, creating more privacy, and barriers from surrounding activities.

PullOver is created for interior spaces that are not defined by a specific function, but where people assign them specific programs by their actions. It responds to the needs of semi-public spaces where actions like private phone conversations in a quite corner or group conversations in transit areas take place.

PullOver is made out of 1cm thick navy blue pure wool felt.

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