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One to Watch in Milan

Narrative designer Brit van Nerven is one to look out for this year in Milan.  Since graduating from the DAE she has worked with some top names while developing her own form language.  She will present with Invertuals’ in their new show, “Transform”.

By Gabrielle Kennedy / 04-04-2013

Since Brit van Nerven graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011, she has set up her own studio while also doing project work for prestigious studios like Scholten and Baijings and Formafantasma.

“My advice to graduates is to do it that way,” Van Nerven says.  “I learnt so much from the experience while also being free enough to work on my own things.  At Scholten and Baijings I found out how a small studio works, but also saw how to really reflect on my work.  Formafantasma are more my generation so it was great to be able to talk on the same level.”

Wendy Plomp, founder and curator of design collective Invertuals, also noticed Van Nerven and was impressed by her precision and focus.  She asked her to participate in this year’s Milan show with a new project based on her graduation work.

The graduation project “Veil and Reveal” was based on research Van Nerven conducted into Dutch women and their relationship with their bodies.  From that she designed a modular clothing collection.  “The focus is on what women prefer to hide and what they feel comfortable with revealing,” Van Nerven says,  “What I did was create forms out of conversations.”

The forms, which are all in black, contrast with the human body.  They are mostly rectangular and can be combined in many ways.

Van Nerven’s new project, “Merging Skins” takes the idea a step further to explore the world in between what is veiled and what is revealed.  The contrast between garment and body is diminished.

“I think it is still about juxtaposition, but also about the fading in and out,” Van Nerven says.  “The pieces are all wearable objects, but the fabrics look like skin.  They are made from spandex and wool.”

Van Nerven has a strong form language and a very strong aesthetic that clearly informs much of her work.  “It is not the most important thing to me, but at some stage it does come into my thinking and I do want my work to be aesthetical.  The start point, however, is always research.  I am especially interested in human behaviour and habits.  The narrative always starts there.”

"Transform" in Milan
Via Pastrengo 12
20159 milan

Exhibition Hours:
9 – 14 April 2013
Daily 10.30 t0 20.00 H.
Sunday 14 – 10.30 till 18.00 H.

Main image: "Transform" illustration by Tim Enthoven, small from Top "Veil and Reveal" by Van Nerven.


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