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One Past Two

Willem de Kooning Academy graduate Aimée de Jongh has won the WdKA Maaskantprijs 2012 for her animation entitled One past Two.

By Editor /asdf 15-11-2012

On Saturday 10 November, shortly after Open Day, the Maaskantprijs 2012 award ceremony took place at the BLAAK10 Gallery & Store on the Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam. Animation alumna Aimée de Jongh won this prestigious prize and was awarded a €4,000 cheque for her graduation film One Past Two by secretary Jan van Heemst. 

Portraying a young couple who meet at a bus stop, De Jongh presents a melancholic yet topical subject dealing with death and violence in the United States.  The couple is not yet aware they are bordering on life and death as they need to make an important choice who stays and who goes. We later find out the two were victims of a college shooting and are lying in the hospital, fighting for their lives.

The judges did not hide their admiration for the already successful winner: “This prize winner pairs an admirable discipline with enviable sensibility. A mighty cocktail of vision and sound opens our view to a adolescent world in which fleeting expectations are cruelly knocked down. The snowy landscape is reminiscent of a shroud, everything breathes suspense. The script plays on the foreshadowing of an irrevocable end through a narrative that unrolls along the strict logic of the bus timetable. Even so, the entire plot takes place within an outspoken poetic cadence which is characteristic of this pick. The fact that this drama takes place within a mere six minutes is maybe the most amazing facet of this melancholic jewel.”

Alongside this short film, De Jong has worked on other animation projects including a short film named ‘Aurora’. The talented young designer producer both longer comic strips as short gags and works for various newspapers and magazines. Her versatile style incorporates everything from comic sketches and manga to stop-motion videos.

The Maaskantprize, a travel scholarship, was initiated by Rotterdam architect Huig Maaskant (1907-1977) and was aimed at stimulating young artists and designers in their development and first steps into the professional field. The WdKA organizes the Maaskantprijs twice a year.

The exhibition featuring work by all the nominatees will be on show until 25 November at the BLAAK 10 Gallery & Store.

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