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Karel Martens designs temporary intervention for The New Institute

1 January 2013 sees the launch of The New Institute, a merger between the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion and Virtueel Platform, knowledge institute for e-culture. Starting in the New Year, the organisation will be at the vanguard of the three creative disciplines.

By Editor / 20-12-2012

Existing projects will be continued and, beginning in mid-2013, a rich and diverse programme of new, synergistic activities will shape the organisation’s agenda.

The New Institute is delighted to announce that Karel Martens has accepted the invitation to create a visual identity for the organisation. Martens has been commissioned to devise a temporary intervention, a non-hierarchical design connecting the name of The New Institute with the names of the three organisations. The temporary intervention will retain the identity of the three organisations for the diverse present and new target groups, whilst also interlinking them with the future of the New Institute.

Martens’ intervention can be placed over the organisations’ current graphic identities*; it is an approach that Martens has also previously deployed in his personal work. With Martens’ design, history is not only visible but is also literally given a new layer, symbolising a new mission and ambition. The design will be presented with the name The New Institute in conjunction with the names of the three current organisations. Marten’s design will also serve as the basis for the present websites and the new online portal that is currently being developed.

Karel Martens has developed an extensive oeuvre specializing in typography. He has designed numerous books and book jackets, along with postage stamps, coins, signs on buildings, telephone cards, and experimental printed matter. He is also the designer of the architecture journal OASE. From 1977 he has been a lecturer; his first appointment was at ArtEZ college of art in Arnhem, followed by the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. He co-founded the Werkplaats Typografie, a postgraduate course in graphic design at ArtEZ in Arnhem in 1997. Since then, he had also been a visiting lecturer on the Graphic Design program at Yale University School of Art in New Haven.

The commission granted to Karel Martens is part of the phased implementation of the merger between the three former industry organisations.

*the present design of the visual identities of the NAI, Premsela and Virtueel Platform is in the hands of, respectively: De Designpolitie, Robin Uleman en Pot & Van der Velden, and Willem van de Ven/ Studio WVDV.

The New Institute brings together architecture, design and e-culture. It unifies all the activities of the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Premsela, Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion and Virtueel Platform, knowledge institute for e-culture. The New Institute gathers, preserves and presents cultural heritage including the State Architecture Archive, promotes research, programmes national and international exhibitions and a lecture and debate roster, develops educational teaching materials and acts as a trans-disciplinary platform.

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