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Imperfect Design by Arian Brekveld and Vietnamese craftsmen

Arian Brekveld is designing the latest Imperfect Design collection based on inspiration and local techniques he discovered while researching in Laos and Vietnam.

By Editor /asdf 05-04-2012

In March 2012 Arian Brekveld went on a sourcing trip to Vietnam to explore the possibilities for a collection of interior accessories made from materials such as wood, lacquer, ceramics, wicker and textiles. He was impressed by the diversity of materials and possible techniques.

Inspired by the Vietnamese culture and the knowledge of the handicraft techniques, Brekveld is now designing the next Imperfect Design collection. Next month he will travel again to Vietnam to accomplish the collection.
Imperfect Design is in cooperation with the Sustainable Product Innovation Project (SPIN).  The Technical University Delft (NL) is the founder of the SPIN project, which is together with partners such as VNCPC and Unep focusing on Vietnam Cambodia and Laos.

The main purpose of the SPIN project is stimulating sustainable and economical development in this region. The project works with 500 small and medium enterprises on capacity building for sustainable product development. The cooperation between Imperfect Design and the SPIN project is focused on a cleaner production process. SPIN will advise about environmentally friendly materials and production methods, and at the same time about good working conditions for the artisans.

Designers Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe were the first designers commissioned by Imperfect Design to develop handmade and worldwide inspired interior accessories. The quality of the products is reflected in the imperfection of craft products.

The collection is expanding through the years with the different styles of Dutch design talents and the knowledge and skills of artisans in various countries.

After Brekveld, Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe, other Dutch designers will follow.  Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink are interested to work,  commissioned by Imperfect Design, with artisans in developing countries to work on new designs and product development, inspired by local materials and techniques.

The partnership provides opportunities for designers to find experience and inspiration in new cultures and in a special collaboration.   
Main image: Imperfect Design vases made of recycled glass


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