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Dutch designers at PASSAGEN Interior Design Week Cologne

imm Cologne kicks off the 2013 design schedule with a flurry of new designs from Dutch designers.

By Katie Dominy / 17-01-2013

The trade show imm is at the centre of the PASSAGEN Interior Design Week Cologne and there is a selection of Dutch designers exhibiting there this week. Rotterdam-based designer Reinier de Jong launched STEEL at the show, a chair that despite the name, is actually made from used wooden poles, once in service as broom handles, rake handles, shovel handles etc. Ideal as eco one-upmanship, these handles are doubly recycled, having been once a tree and secondly a broom handle.

De Jong’s craftsmen turn the used handles into a folding chair and the handles’ original paintwork becomes the ‘bark’ of the wood; with new clean wood appearing where the chair is sculptured and curved in the seat and backrest. Anyone with a ready supply of old handles can give them to de Jong who will have them made into a chair, or hand over a few old handles to the designer and he will donate one euro per usable metre length to charity (an eco one we trust). For those after a more pristine look, de Jong also produces the chair made from brand new white handles.

Pepe Heykoop is at imm with the launch of a new product. After the success of last year’s collection of lampshades created in conjunction with the Tiny Miracles Foundation, featured last year on, Heykoop starts 2013 with the very affordable Paper Vase Cover, again created by the foundation, which was started by his cousin in Mumbai, India. Retailing at 15 euros, the coated paper vase cover is given a triangular structure that allows it to mould around the form of any empty bottle. Sold flat packed in an envelope makes it an ideal gift.

Wonderable, started by designer Carla Peters in 2009, also uses only fairtrade crafts producers for its range of interior items, such as the new Tinkle cushions in hand-woven hemp produced by Vietnamese organisation Craftlink. Also on show for the first time at imm are Peters’ Souvenir vases that bring new life back to a whole collection of tiny Dutch tourist ceramic figurines that lay unsold in a Thai factory for export to the Netherlands. Carefully hand-painted, the figurines cluster the sides of the vases, from blue and white Delft-style to wildly multi-colour.

Amsterdam-based designer Jacob de Baan is showing his new collection of sustainable lamps, OLAMP, ULAMP and VLAMP.  The UFO-style OLAMP is made from a recyclable and reusable plastic and all the parts can be separated for waste, as no glue or screws are used. The same ecological benefits come from the ULAMP that also boasts the latest dimmable energy efficient LED-lamps with coloured filters in red, yellow or blue. The aluminium and steel VLAMP is a serious spot lamp that features a strong warm glowing reflector whose beam can reach right up to the ceiling.

Furniture brand Arco has a range of new tables and chairs launching at imm, including Base by Jorre van Ast, a solid oak wood table with a concrete base set on its two legs. Base is also the first product in the Arco Local Wood collection that sees Arco using wood sourced from close to the company’s workshop. Bertjan Pot’s Buzz is a stackable conference or dining room chair that is lightweight due to its 3D-formed, wafer-thin veneer seat and aluminium tubular frame. We do like the Cable Sock accessory by Jonathan Prestwich that acts as a cable tidy for all those untidy leads and comes in different sizes and colours – just like socks.

Over at imm’s [D³] Contest for graduate work we came across Engineering Temporality by recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen. Engineering Temporality is a wardrobe, or the ‘ghost’ of a wardrobe, created from tubular steel rings that are first moulded into shape by covering an existing piece of furniture as a layer and then removing the original piece by burning it, leaving the ‘ghost’ of the piece of furniture behind.

PASSAGEN Interior Design Week Cologne  & imm Cologne continues until January 20 2013-01-14

Main image: Paper Vase Cover, Pepe Heykoop, photo Anne Marijne Bax
Other images: 1. STEEL, Reinier de Jong 2. Paper Vase Cover, Pepe Heykoop, photo Anne Marijne Bax 3.-4. Souvenir, Wonderable 5. ULAMP, Jacob de Baan 6. Base by Jorre van Ast for Arco 7. Cable Sock, Jonathan Prestwich for Arco 8. Engineering Temporality, Tuomas Markunpoika Tolvanen

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