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Desycle: Design and recycling

Environmentally friendly design made from your garbage.

By Editor / 02-07-2008

Amsterdam residents produce environmentally friendly design made from their garbage.

Multi-disciplinary project Desycling Amsterdam started a series of inspiring design workshops for residents of the Amsterdam district Geuzenveld-Slotermeer in March 2008. The project is intended to stimulate contact between designers, companies and the public. It also stimulates people’s creativity by encouraging them to see garbage in a different light.

Desycle ('design and recycle') is an integral concept that brings together social themes, issues to do with garbage and social awareness. The basis of Descyle’s approach lies in translating big theories about environmental and social problems (such as the cradle-to-cradle theory) in such a way as to make them relevant for daily life.

According to the project organisers some of the questions asked are 'How can we apply these theories in our own lifestyles? How can we help to raise awareness about the large amount of garbage that we generate, and also help to increase people’s willingness to contribute?' Desycle takes on these discussions and at the same time offers a hand in finding practical applications. More information can be found on the project website.

(Images: Amsterdam residents wearing items made from their own garbage)

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