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Dear Fashion Diary

Now that summer is upon us some creative reading material may come in handy. BIS publishers offers fashion lovers a guided tour of scrapbooking in the form of Dear Fashion Diary.

By Cassandra Pizzey /asdf 04-07-2013

Many fashion lovers will be familiar with the online pin boards such as Pinterest and Fashiolista, but what’s wrong with old fashioned scrapbooking? To get you started BIS publishers teamed up with Emmi Ojala and Laura de Jong to create Dear Fashion Diary.

Encouraging personal creativity through doodling, curating and cataloging your own closet the book takes a breather from the online bombardment of fashion imagery. The diary is full of fun assignments which can be conquered alone or shared with friends. There are even instructions on how to update an old T-shirt or organize a clothes swap. 

Handy tips for young fashionistas such as maintaining your ideal wardrobe are featured in the books with tips on caring for your clothes and how to wash your delicates. 

Geared towards the generation of bloggers and blog readers, the book seems to feature an underlying message in supporting sustainable fashion through tips on revamping old clothing, a shopping sabbatical contract and wardrobe maintenance. 

Two young creatives worked on the book with illustrations by Emmi Ojala and words by Laura de Jong, initiator of the Free Fashion Challenge that encourages fashionistas to stop shopping for 365 days.

A fun book for fashion lovers let’s hope Dear Fashion Diary will indeed inspire creativity and help reduce a bit of fast fashion. 

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