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Collectie Arnhem: I <3 ME

A surprising location formed the backdrop for yet another bold collection by Collectie Arnhem, ArtEZ’s third-year fashion show held each year during Amsterdam Fashion Week.

By Cassandra Pizzey /asdf 24-01-2013

The wait in the freezing cold Mediamatic Fabriek hall in Amsterdam East was surely worth it as excited fashion editors, stylists and students dressed in seasonal attire got ready for the first show of the winter.

Guests had already been treated to a teaser of what was to come in the form of a short video and invite, that depicted a man and woman dressed head to toe in red both sporting five-inch heels. Indeed what followed down the catwalk was a mix of bright clashing colours, interesting materials and a new vision of feminine and masculine.

Red set the tone to start with jumpsuits and dresses made of (printed) mesh, layered yet still showing a hint of nudity underneath. Textures quickly changed into latex, not the usual skin-tight formula but free-flowing forms with sharp cuts. Dramatic silhouettes followed which over-exaggerated the wearer’s shape, huge faux-fur coats juxtaposed with skin-tight knitted dresses and the occasional mouse-fur embellishment. We reverted back to black for a moment and finished with lime-green gowns.

I <3 ME as the collection is called, looks at how individuality will reign supreme in the future, preconceived notions of good and evil, beautiful and ugly are thrown out the window and instead people set their own boundaries of ethics and aesthetics. In the collection the students looked at the borders between private and public, appearance and inner feeling and male and female. These controversies are made visible in the collection through materials such as mesh, latex and mouse-fur alongside a bold colour palette and layered yet exposed silhouette.

Collectie Arnhem is the fashion show by 26 ArtEZ Arnhem Fashion Design students who work together to create a show with a strong sense of emotion. Third-year bachelor students learn all aspects of sustaining a fashion label during the course inlcuding designing, styling and selling. The show will be presented again on 6 and 7 June as part of the graduate shows at ArtEZ and will be for sale at various fashion boutiques in the Netherlands. 

Main image: Collectie Arnhem
Other images: 2., 3. and 7. Peter Stigter, other images

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