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Collectie Arnhem 2014

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts students present their sixteenth fashion collection as part of Amsterdam Fashion Week.

By Katie Dominy /asdf 30-01-2014

2014 marks the 16th year that the third year fashion students from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts have produced a complete collection, last week showcased on the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week. This edition’s collection is entitled Zest and aims to highlight other senses than the purely visual. 

Zest was inspired by the quote of a young blind boy - ”it’s beautiful, at least I think so, and I believe what I want to believe”, and taking the words to heart, the 22-strong design team looked to accent the tactile values of the fabrics used, and use these as their starting point. Whereas traditional fashion labels always start with colour, the ArtEZ students have the personalities of the materials centre stage. Garments are given sensual textures, such as gradual crinkled pleats or partial smocked effects. 

Overall the look is one of an elongated elegance and simple silhouettes that for the women contrast cropped tight-fitting tops with long asymmetric draped skirts and for the men, focus on casual layered pieces. Accents in bright blues and lime punctuate the neutral stone colours of the palette.

In addition to the collection, the ArtEZ students were also involved in the development of a perfume launched to coincide with the collection. Called Eau de la Mode, the perfume was developed in conjunction with Tanja Deurloo from the Amsterdam-based fragrance experts Annindriya and celebrates the 60th anniversary of the ArtEZ fashion school. 

To develop the perfume the students asked 100s of ArtEZ alumni the same question ‘What does fashion smell like? The answers to this question, ranging from ‘cigarette smoke’ to ‘one morning in Paris’ were refined to create the perfume. Tanja de Zoysa explains further: “Eau de la Mode is a unique fragrance that evokes rich associations of a 'new beginning' and adrenaline. The odour character is layered and made ​​up of contradictory elements: familiar elements such as soft leather, grapefruit and wood, combined with sharp accents, such as rhubarb, saffron and smoke.”

The perfume is available is a series of 60 bottles – one for each year of the fashion school. Each bottle has a laser-cut ribbon indicating the date. Priced at 100 euros a bottle, the perfume is available in early February from the Arnhem Coming Soon store, Margreet Olsthoorn in Rotterdam and Perfume Lounge in Amsterdam.

1 - 4 Zest collection photography JW Kaldenbach


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