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This week in we have three new books to offer readers.  New works on Maria Blaisse, Jan Janssen and 75B are available.

By Editor /asdf 20-06-2013

To win one of these three books published by naI Publishers please email with the title of the book you most want.  The winner will be the 5th email we get in for each book.  Please put the title of the book in the subject line and your address in the body of the email.  Good luck.

Arab Spring and Aaron Winter
The Work of 75B
By Rens Muis, Pieter Vos

This is an inspiring book for designers and artists.  For the graphic designers of 75B, the domain of the arts is an indispensable field of activity. In “Arab Spring and Aaron Winter”, they put the importance of the world of commissions into perspective. Leaving out the competition-winning house style designs and arresting logos, it focuses instead on the work given over to seeking, finding, failing. The dark side, the failures, imperfection – these are essential elements of their works.

Jan Jansen’s Shoe
By Lisa Goudsmit

Jan Jansen (b. 1941) is the Netherlands’ most famous shoe designer. Jansen has been turning heads for over 50 years with his voluptuous, baroque and experimental footwear. In 1973, he made his international breakthrough with his now world-famous bamboo shoe, an icon beloved by fashion and art lovers alike. In this book Goudsmit looks at the bamboo shoe as fashion item and art object and reveals how this shoe design grew into an icon and made its designer at least as equally renowned.

The Emergence of Form
Maria Blaisse
By Claire van Putten

Designer Maria Blaisse (b. 1944) has been a pioneer of flexible and textile design for over 40 years. “The Emergence of Form” is a unique overview of her trailblazing design work. This book allows us to visually follow how one form flows naturally from

The competition has now closed. Winners will be informed by email. Thank you for participating!

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