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Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion

Fashion designer Winde Rienstra at Utrecht’s Centraal Museum

By Katie Dominy / 21-02-2013

The Centraal Museum reserves its New Utrecht Galleries to artist and designers based in the city and until April 21 2013 they will be showing the work of fashion designer Winde Rienstra.

Graduating only in 2009 from HKU Utrecht, Winde Rienstra has quickly developed her own label, with this January’s Amsterdam Fashion Week being her third season on the catwalk. Rienstra’s work is strongly based around materials and especially wood, which she uses in an architectural and structural manner, creating pieces that stand away from the body. Playing with 3-dimensional form and using modern technologies such as laser cutting sit alongside her meticulous handwork details.

Key collections such as 11.11 feature dresses of laser-cut wooden panels strung like lyres, while Reflection in Facets features garments with complex origami folds. We spoke with Rienstra about the exhibition.

How did you come to be invited to show your work at the Centraal Museum?

“For my last project "Spinning A Yarn" I had already been in contact with the museum to talk about the possibility of having an exhibition. A year later they invited me to show my work in my own exhibition at the museum.

Can you tell us what is exhibited at the museum? Talk us through the pieces on show?

“In the exhibition you can see designs from every collection I have made over the last three years. So there are some pieces from my graduation collection, The Mirror of Reason (July 2009), my debut collection for Amsterdam Fashion Week, 11:11 (July 2011) and designs from the Reflections in Facets (January 2012) and Ithaca (July 2012) collections. It is diverse; you can see a lot of the details of the designs and a lot of different handwork techniques. Not only can you look at the designs, the shoes that complete the collections are also on display there.”

What has been the reaction of the visitors?

“The two spaces are pretty dark, but I think it gives the exhibition an edge and the right impression to the viewer. I have only had good and exciting comments so far and that makes me very happy.”

Rienstra’s most recent collection this January featured the wooden elements used rather as jewellery, with garlands of laser-cut hoops and tiny finely-cut hexagonals layered up in natural or black wood to create a complex bodice. Tribal influences come through in a repeating wing shaped decoration around a strapless dress, acting as a contemporary form of beading. We asked Rienstra about the collection: “My latest collection was derived from the darker side of life. For me it represented a poem for death and mourning.”

Winde Rienstra, Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion runs until April 21 2013.

1 & 2 - 11:11 collection, photography Michel Zoeter
3, 4, 5 - photography Centraal Museum Utrecht / Dea Rijper
6 & 7 - photography Team Peter Stigter

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