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Adult Icons

The jewellery of designer Katja Sobol reflects the icons of ‘adult life’ in a playful colourful style 

By Katie Dominy /asdf 01-08-2013

We caught up with Katja Sobol at Paris trade show Who’s Next, where Sobel had won a stand in the show’s competition held with Arts Thread every season to discover new talents. Showcasing her range of colourful wooden necklaces and bracelets in poster brights, we asked Sobol about the collection and her Polish background. 

“I grew up in Poland, but I moved to the Nederland eleven years ago. I was just looking for an art school with a good "vibe". During the open days at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts (ABKM) I met a few enthusiastic teachers, among others, Chequita Nahar - the head of the jewellery design department. This lovely lady could talk for hours about jewellery so I stayed – for four years.


“Evolved from my graduate project last year, the collection is made from hand painted wooden blocks with silver/ brass elements. My family own a few hectares of forest and I have a very close relationship with the material. The pieces are a reflection on the icons of "adult life", like a car or a house. 


Sobol buys many of the wooden blocks ready made from children’s toy suppliers - cubes, tiny roofs, tree branches and mixed these with conventional wooden beads of all sizes. Fancy a little vibrant house on a cord or a mini handbag made up of pale wood blocks complete with gold beaded handle. Kobol says: “Fashion is a serious business, but I like to bring some fun and colour into this world with my designs.” 


A beaded outline of a bra in fluorescent yellow beads, a multicolour phallic necklace in pink and blue and a cherry red necklace featuring seriously heavy brass balls are more art pieces – Sobol tells us people like to hang these pieces on the wall.


We asked Sobol about the Paris show. “My time in Paris was amazing, I met a lot of fantastic people and got new orders from shops in Tokyo, Berlin and Abu Dhabi. My pieces were used for a photo shoot for the J'N'C Magazine, Starting next week my jewellery is for sale on the website The next big adventure is the Meesterlijk event in Amsterdam, in November. This is the place where product and fashion designers share their passion for design and craftsmanship with the public. In January I'm going to Berlin to participate in the Bread and Butter trade show.”


Katja Sobol’s jewellery can also be found at galleries in the Netherlands such as Museum Shop Van Abbemusem in Eindhoven. 

Images 1-3 - Model Kim Jongen photography Ellen Hansen
Images 4-8- Photography Edith Wawrowska

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