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Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans' first collaboration has resulted in a series of archetypal oversized bronze objects that emit surreal blubs of light. 

By Jeanne Tan / 16-04-2010

A steaming pot that overflows light, a wall-mounted torch, a suspended paint can pouring mid-air and a 'genie' Wonderlamp that releases a light blub perhaps when you rub it. 

These surreal light objects are part of the debut collection between Pieke Bergmans and Studio Job (Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel) and is presented this week in Milan by Gallery Dilmos.

Studio Job's love affair with oversized archetypal objects cast in bronze is complemented by hand-blown glass à la Bergmans' Light Blub.
"This year we wanted to do something lighter," explains Nynke Tynagel. Taking these objects outside their normal functional context, the pieces - with the exception of the lamp objects - emit light with glass blubs where there is normally liquid or steam coming from the object. In the case of the lamps, the light becomes liquid.

"We really admire Pieke's work and thought it would be a good idea to work on something together. It's the first time that we're collaborating on a single project with another product designer," continues Tynagel. "It was very refreshing to work in this way. You come up with unexpected ideas. We left each other alone to do their own thing with the object. It was a very obvious collaboration, it felt very natural."

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