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Wiel Arets in Print

One of the latest publications by the famous notebook makers Moleskin, looks at the works and drawings of Dutch architect Wiel Arets. 

By Cassandra Pizzey / 11-07-2013

Wiel Arets, Inspiration and Process in Architecture discusses work by the famous Dutch architect and designer known for projects such as the Academy of Arts and Architecture Maastricht and furniture for Lensvelt and Alessi. 

Built around an extensive catalogue of drawings by the architect, the publication features short texts and interviews. By taking drawings as the focal point the book aims to emphasize the value of freehand drawing as part of the creative process. Sketches themselves alternate between fast, rough drawings made with felt-tip pen (recent years) and carefully executed studies of building design (earlier years). Curators Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert chose from an extensive library of drawings and sketches, boiling them down to a complementary mix that illustrate Arets’ use of the craft. 

The line drawings in particular are a testament to the architects use of light within his buildings. Layers of glass create a visual spectacle and floor plans can be seen through walls, creating a sense of openness. When compared to the finished structure, we see the visions of the architect come to life. 

In a handy A5 format, the book is recognizable as a typical Moleskin thanks to its rounded edges and elastic band keep safe. Wiel Arets, Inspiration and Process in Architecture is one in a series of publications on contemporary architects, other titles include Zaha Hadid, Studio Mumbai and Dominique Perrault.

With little text but concise and to-the-point information the book is one that will quickly teach the reader about the life and works of Wiel Arets while giving an insight into the process behind the buildings. 

According to the publisher: “The inspiration and the process are two factors underlying all design arts and specifically architecture: the Inspiration and Process in Architecture collection, published by Moleskine and curated by Francesca Serrazanetti and Matteo Schubert, came into the architecture publishing scene in 2012 to explore the hidden stages of the architect's work and to show the “behind the scenes” of a profession that often reveals only the outcome of a long process.”

The only thing missing in this Moleskin is a few blank pages to let one’s own imagination free. 

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