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Turn your frown upside down

Always ready to put a smile on everyone's face, cheeky fashion designer Antoine Peters did just that with his new SS 2010 collection.

By Jeanne Tan / 30-07-2009

Antoine Peters' playful new collection 'Turn your frown upside down' was presented to a full house inside the Moooi Gallery during Amsterdam International Fashion Week. We catch up with the designer himself to chat about frowns, smiles and his new collaboration with Moooi.

How did you come up with the theme for this collection?
ANTOINE PETERS stands for a smile. And with this collection, I wanted to communicate that more then ever. The collection bursts with 'turning frowns' in fabric-draping, print design and even pattern cutting. Visible and invisible, and from the smallest details to a complete dress constructed out of the 'smiling' ANTOINE PETERS logo, blown up 50 times its size!

Is it something about the frown (or smile) that fascinates you?
Definitely! The ANTOINE PETERS logo even is an abstract smile. This logo also is the label which is stitched in the back of all designs, this way all clothes have a recognizable 'smiling stitching' outside on the back. For me fashion is about optimism and a little smile by wearing or watching the clothes.

What fabrics were used?
Silk jerseys, joggings, colored denims, satins, silks and for the first time I worked with sequins. For the high heels which are developed in collaboration with United Nude we used leather and for the scarves with the help of Moooi, we developed a unique fabric woven out of linen and wool. All noses were sequined too!

Speaking of clown noses...Was that a wink to Marcel Wanders?
Not really, I thought up that idea already years ago. Now it fell into place with all other ingredients of the collection. I liked the surreal image of a skin colored sequined clowns nose and the idea of super sexy women despite - or even because! - of having such a clown's nose. It also reflects the frown people have at first sight and the inevitable smile at second sight when seeing the nose.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
Pfew, not now already. Ask me again after a few months. In the end I love the designs most which approach my search for a renewing 'one-size-fits-all elegance' the best. The best of both worlds of casual and sophistication, completed with a smile.

How did the scarf collaboration with Moooi come about?
I always felt connected to quite some values of Moooi. Like the search for added value in design, strong communication, not being afraid of telling a story, love for silhouettes, tongue in cheek and international ambitions. Via via via I managed to come in touch what resulted in doing the show at the new Moooi Gallery Amsterdam which we underlined by developing a 'fashion product' by means of the ANTOINE PETERS scarf which will be available exclusively at Moooi Gallery in the coming month.

Check out the video of Antoine Peters' show below.

Photography: Peter Stigter

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