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The Copper Collection

Aldo Bakker's copper collection for Thomas Eyck gives new dimension and refinement to a much-neglected but beautiful material. Most visitors to the presentation mistook the soy sauce pourer for a smoking pipe. 

By Editor /asdf 15-04-2010

Design producer/curator thomas eyck introduces "the copper collection", a new collection designed by Aldo Bakker.

"The copper collection" consists of different objects based on the contemporary handwriting of Bakker in perfect harmony with traditional and new production techniques. Bakker allows his products to take shape on the basis of analysis so that they can question their usage and, where necessary, give rise to new rituals or break existing patterns. This fresh and innovative approach by Aldo Bakker to very old and new techniques like moulding, galvanising and lacquering has resulted in a stunning collection comprising a stool, watering can, soy pourer (lined with silver to prevent reaction with the salt), candleholders, mixing bowl and saucepan. The stool made from tradition Urushi techniques features 63 layers of lacquer. Between the 43rd and 44th layer, copper flakes are added, giving a deep sparkle to the amorphous seat. 

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