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STRP Festival

For the fifth edition of STRP festival, a unique exhibition featuring 50 years of Dutch media offers visitors a look at the history of Dutch art and technology.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 24-11-2011

Last weekend saw the start of the STRP festival in Eindhoven in which art and technology come together. In addition to an impressive electronic music line-up, the 11-day long festival focusses on artists and designers who balance on the thin line between technology and art.

To celebrate its fifth anniversary, STRP this year saw an opportunity to present a selected overview of 50 years of Dutch technology in art. Starting with a 1950s Philips commission in the form of a projection by architect Le Corbusier and ending with AKV St. Joost student Jeffrey van Oers' Ambisonic Flightcase - an installation which bombards the user with 3-D surround sound - the expo is divided over three time periods.

Works by Le Corbusier alongside Dutch designers Dick Raaijmakers and Gerrit van Bakel, aim to show the poetry of technology in its earliest phase from 1958 until 1980. A more critical view on technology was adopted in the 1980s and 90s when video walls played a huge role in art. An installation by Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide named Spatial Sounds is a good example of technology invading our personal space. A speaker attached to a mechanical arm scans the area for visitors, then proceeds to turn faster and faster up to 100km/h and emitting a bass of some 100db; as it swooshes past this mechanical arm is very intimidating.

Then on to our present interpretation of technology, which is saturated in our daily lives yet is fast becoming invisible to us. This section shows the possibilities technology offers, whether that be in art and design, fashion or architecture. LEDs, augmented reality and digital editing are abundant in many of these 21st century presentations.

Overall, the industrial feel of the Klokgebouw offers a fitting backdrop for the expo and sometimes seems to merge with the installations. Visitors are treated to a great mix of art, media, technology and music, and even get the chance to become famous for five minutes as they act out a music video in front of a green screen.  

Additionally the festival boasts a lecture programme, performances by Bart Hess and Daan Roosegaarde amongst others, a film programme, and not to forget an impressive music line-up.

STRP festival continues until 27 November, 2011 at the Klokgebouw in Einhoven.

Main image: Bart Hess for STRP
Other images: 1. Kijkbuiskinderen (KBK Visuals) 2.- 3.Spacial Sounds by Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide 4. Shadow Disco by Paul Vranken and Klaas van der Molen 5. Pixels by Jonas Vorwerk and Yoren Schriever 6. Dune by Daan Roosegaarde
7. Espehere Green Screen 

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