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Résidence de la Mode in Den Haag

The lead up to the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards sparked a series of fashion-related events that took over the city centre in The Hague.

By Katie Dominy / 05-11-2009

The Dutch Fashion Awards will take place 6 November 2009 in The Hague. In the week prior to the awards, upcoming Dutch fashion talents were given the opportunity to present their work through a series of pop-up venues around the city with a programme entitled Résidence de la Mode (31 October and 8 November 2009).

These include a new conceptual work by Studio vruGt, created by designer Sara Vrugt (organizer of the Red Line fashion show in the city this summer). The new work is an installation where clothing, two dancers and the audience play an equal part. Other works around the city involved Ivo Mittelmeijer, MaryMe-JimmyPaul, Ireneo Ciamella, Heren van Koster, Twan Meijerink, Aïda Saracini, Nicolaas Hein and Lap TM. In addition, the atrium of the cityhall hosted an exhibition entitled Challenged, art directed by fashion designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen. The project features three different designers and photographers collaborating to create a high fashion image featuring models who have a physical disability.

The pivotal point around the events is a 10-day pop-up shop called Le Démarrage Gallery Store that has been set up in the city centre. Created by the locally-based fashion and lifestyle shop Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus, which translates as Cutedeer and The Big White Giant, the pop-up store features designs from all five nominees of the Mercedes Benz Dutch Fashion Awards, plus work from designers involved in other Résidence de la Mode events.

In addition the space features a selection of work from Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus' store at Stationsweg 55 in Den Haag, such as pieces from designers Romy Kühne, And Beyond, LEW, Martine Viergever & Thomas Voorn, Charlotte Wooning and Vlieger & Vandam. The space was created by graphic designer Karin Mientjes who is known for her hands-on craft approach to projects. The shop fittings and displays are made from cardboard, assembled with the help of design students and volunteers. Over a thousand cardboard boxes were used. In addition, two artists, Nadine Stijns and Krista van der Niet, showed work that engaged with the theme of fashion. This Wednesday evening saw a series of 15 minute presentations at the pop-up store by designers Jeroen van Tuyl, Vlieger & Vandam, Nadine Stijns, Indre Klimaite and Martine Viergever and Thomas Voorn.

The Dutch Fashion Awards will take place in the dramatic location of the gothic Grote Kerk in city centre. The five short-listed designers are Bas Kosters, Iris van Herpen, Jeroen van Tuyl, Mada van Gaans and Sjaak Hullekes.

Main image and image 1: Le Démarrage Gallery Store, photography: Marsel Loermans
Image 2: Studio vruGt
Image 3: Designer Michael Barnaart van Bergen, photographer Roland Pupupin, model Reni de Boer
Image 4: Bas Kosters, Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards 2009, photography Petrovsky & Ramone
Image 5: Iris van Herpen, Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards 2009, photography Petrovsky & Ramone

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