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Prophets & Penitents: Confessions of a Chair

Forgive me father...Prophets & Penitents: Confessions of a Chair explores the almost religious devotion that designers have to the humble chair.

Event date: 22-04-2009 to 27-04-2009

By Editor / 30-03-2009

DAMn magazine and Galleria Blanchaert have teamed up to present the exhibition 'Prophets & Penitents: Confessions of a Chair'.

A chair is a chair is a chair. Some come close to religion, others are ugly as sin. A narrative on an almost sacral theme, for the designer the creation of a chair is like the string quartet is to the composer: essentially revealing the creator's handwriting and his zeitgeist.

Around 25 designers have been invited to the Oratorio della Passione at Sant’Ambrogio - Milan’s oldest church - to express their personal confessions on chair prototyping. With many of the pieces seen in public for the first time and reflecting DAMn°’s established & emerging
mix, they have invited an array of exciting designers to participate.

Amongst the participating designers is Maarten Baas who will present the first prototype of his Sculpt dining chair. The Sculpt concept is based on miniature sketch models. The spontaneity, the roughness and the primal character of the models are transformed into real sized furniture.

Studio Makkink & Bey will present their Pixelated Chairs which is part of the Witness Flat collection.

Ineke Hans will show one of her prototype chairs for Cappellini and Richard Hutten will also present a prototype.

Address: Oratorio della Passione, Sant'Ambrogio, Piazza Sant'Ambrogio, Milan
Opening times: 11.00 until 19.00
Press preview: Tuesday 21 April 2009, 17.00
Cocktails: Tuesday April 21, 19.00

Image 1: Maarten Baas, Sculpt
Image 2: Studio Makkink & Bey, Pixelated Chairs

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Prophets and Penitents
Piazza Sant ' Ambrogio


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