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MULTIPLEX: TransNatural #01

Start date: 19-02-2010
End date: 19-03-2010
Country: The Netherlands
City: Amsterdam
Location: de Verdieping/TrouwAmsterdam


Designers and artists explore ways to merge technology and nature in the exhibition and symposium MULTIPLEX: TransNatural.

By Editor / 25-02-2010

Technology enjoys playing the role of the awkward, shameless son of nature. Conversely nature behaves regularly as a tormented mother to the utmost, by means of implementing natural disasters and diseases to the child who will not listen. The 21st century is the century in which nature and technology will finally become viable partners.

For a long time, technology was the way to escape the restrictions of nature. Often technology also constituted a threat to nature. Today, the two apparent opposites increasingly merge to form a new reality. MULTIPLEX: Trans Natural # 01 offers young and old, a glimpse into this hybrid and rich new world of art, design, architecture, games and more.

In an exhibition lasting four weeks, the public will experience how artists and designers merge nature and technology. They range from jewellery based on artificially cultured bone, a game involving mud to growing stone in Venice to resolve the problem of the city's sinking foundations. It will be a search for what this new world will look like: are dealing with an evolutionary progress or above all, a changing perception about ourselves?

Participants include: Thomas Gerhardt (US), Joan Healy (IER), Aaron Koblin/ Daniel Massey (US), Lucy McRae (NL), Ralph Schreiber (DE), Sander Veenhof (NL), Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Jelle Feringa (NL), 2012Architecten (NL), Daniela Bershan (DE/NL), Julius Popp (DE), Elio Caccavale (GB), Tobie Kerridge (GB) and Rachel Armstrong (GB).

Exhibition: 19 February - 19 March
TransNatural Symposium with workshops and lectures: 13 March
Speakers include Koert van Mensvoort (NL), Elio Caccavale (GB), Tobie Kerridge (GB), Rachel Armstrong (GB).

Location: de Verdieping/TrouwAmsterdam, Wibautstraat 127, 1091 GL Amsterdam

The second edition of MULTIPLEX: TransNatural will take place in October and November 2010.

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