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Milan Drawn Interview #2: BCXSY

Today's subject for the Drawn Interview is BCXSY (Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto) who have launched a new series of timber space-dividers crafted in the tradition of Japanese wood joinery. 

By No author /asdf 15-04-2010

The Eindhoven-based design duo BCXSY present Join, a series of three space-dividers made from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) at Spazio Rossana Orlandi. 

Derived from the traditional Tategu aesthetic - the traditional craft of Japanese wood joinery - the pieces are handcrafted by master craftsman Mr. Tanaka in his workshop in Tokyo. Available in an edition of eight.

Sayaka Yamamoto is a jewellery designer from Japan who came to Eindhoven in 2005 to study a Masters program at the Design Academy. Israeli-born Boaz Cohen, who has Dutch roots, also studied at the Design Academy where they met and decided to work together. BCXSY was born - a name consisting of their initials joined with an X inbetween. Yamamoto and Cohen see their relationship as a benefit to their creativity.

Drawn interview:
1. Draw yourself
2. Describe yourself in one word
3. Draw your favourite object
4. Draw what you like about Milan

Portrait photography: Matylda Krzykowski
Images 1-4: Boaz Cohen
Images 5-8: Sayaka Yamamoto

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