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Marloes Blaas at AIFW

1940s silhouettes combined with army textiles and printed silks are characteristic for Marloes Blaas' Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection named A Woman's Merit.

By Cassandra Pizzey / 03-02-2011

Dutch fashion designer Marloes Blaas presented her Autumn/Winter 2011/12 collection during Amsterdam International Fashion Week this January. 

An eclectic mix of printed silk jumpsuits, high-waisted, tailored trousers, and stylish knits were distinctive of Blaas' latest collection. Based on the new role of women from the 1940s onwards, A Woman's Merit shows a contemporary take on the period. An Officer's jacket with knitted panels, and a layered cape in old army colours reference army uniforms, while classic high-waisted skirts combined with knitted tops show a more feminine side.

The entire collection is based on research into the first half of the 20th century where collectivism led to a sense of individualism of the woman. In turn, this individualism led to a change in the traditional domestic roles. The empowered women that were the result of this evolution are exactly what Blaas' aimed to portray with her latest, extremely wearable collection.

The new sense of empowerment allowed women to work in factories, referenced in the collection through 'factory' dresses in black leather and high-waisted trousers with leather tool belts. The show ended on a more delicate note with light colours such as baby blue and denim, combined with chunky knits. The 1940s need for re-use was also picked up by Blaas, who worked with old printed silk maps used by pilots in the war. The maps formed the basis for a number of silk jumpsuits, flowing tops and skirts.

Photography: Team Peter Stigter

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