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Once upon a time in an industrial warehouse

Tjep. has designed a magical showroom for a new furniture brand that specialises in sofas and delivering them faster than a speeding bullet.

By Jeanne Tan /asdf 08-12-2008

Speedy Sofas

The flatpack-like showroom for Vila Sofa designed by Tjep. looks like it literally came off the back of a truck. The new sofa company offers a delivery guarantee of 48 hours for all displayed models: that's a pretty big claim. 'We used the idea of a warehouse as metaphor for speed: a place were goods are stored for the transition from the producer to the very personal environment of your home', says Frank Tjepkema.

The interior concept toys with the idea of a magical villa and warehouse, playing with industrial and domestic aesthetics through materials and finishes. References to transportation and packaging have been metamorphosed into decorative elements that form room dividers and materials such as plywood usually used for crates are combined with high-end glossy finishes. The highlight is a large wall in the lofty showroom, that suggests the idea of a fairy-tale villa. The cutouts reference visual elements that have escaped from packaging symbols: a big chandelier, playfully arranged windows, romantic balconies. Big 'picnic' tables create casual seating options for clients and staff to talk sofas. The circular motif of the logo and corporate colours appear throughout the interior especially in the walls, dividers and carpet. Specially designed mobile pay-stations can be wheeled around the showroom to allow customers to pay while sitting on a model of their newly adopted sofa.

The brand is mainly aimed at a younger market aged 20-40, young professionals and/or young families. Tjepkema comments that with the playful interior, the target market seems to be widening. 'Older customers feel very inspired by the interior concept. As it turns out they like to feel young! When you want to design for the elderly, think young! Not old! That's the biggest mistake you can make!'

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