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LOOP is innovative, playful and aesthetically pleasing – it’s public furniture made from textiles and has just won a CETI prize in France.

By Gabrielle Kennedy / 22-11-2012

Pivot Creative is made up of José Subero and Paula Colchero and has won the CETI High Technology in Textile Innovation prize at the Futurotextiles'12 award in France for LOOP.

Both designers graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and are mostly interested in exploring innovative ways to fuse existing industry with a better design vision.

LOOP is a seat that reinvents the notion of urban furniture.  “It is a long strip of textile that passes through a support ring creating five loops that act as seating," Subero says.  “It helps to strengthen social and physical connections in public areas.  In addition to the fun aspect of LOOP, this suspended seat also provides a kind of boundary between the person sitting and the environment; the option of retiring from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

Subero’s background is in architecture and landscape architecture.  Colchero's background is in product and interior design.  This combination influences their design work.  “I am interested in space and products,” he says.  “The relationship between the two … the different scales you find in between.”

The materials for the current LOOP prototypes, which are still on exhibition at CETI in France, were limited to what could be found in local industry in time for the competition, the designers are looking for various alternatives for production.

Pivot Creative wants to continue to stay focused on finding ways to connect what currently exists and is possible with new ideas and designs.  “We developed this nylon ribbon with Lambin-Ravau and Fablab in Amsterdam,” Subero says.  “The textile industry in France is now looking to explore new areas and innovate.  We think projects like this can be a good way to respond to this interest.”

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