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LED lamp steals the show at Moooi

Moooi presented new products from designers including a vase and table from Front, new paper furniture from Studio Job and our favourite, lights from Raimond Puts, a Dutch mathematics professor.

By Editor / 24-04-2009


In a much smaller space than in previous years, Moooi launched a series of new products. Marcel Wanders had several offerings: Parent Chair & Table, kid's furniture made from polystyrene, the Tree Lamp which are classic lights completely made from timber, and a rather odd piggy bank/vase called 'the killing of the piggy bank' complete with golden hammer to break the bank.

Swedish designers Front created two new products: a Chess Table, a chequered table where the decoration can be used for playing chess and a Blow Away Vase where a digitalised version of a traditional Royal Delft vase is exposed to simulated wind.

But the product which stole the show was the Raimond by Raimond Puts light. Neither a product nor lighting designer, Puts is actually a Dutch mathematic professor. Made using the triangular geometries of the geodesic dome, the circular and oval lights are made with an inner and outer layer for strength. The inner and outer structure conducts electricity through the LEDs which are located at the nodes of the structure.

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