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Lapse in Time

The exhibition Lapse in Time at ExperimentaDesign, Lisbon highlighted young designers, who pursue innovation and experimentation in a slow evolving, interdisciplinary way.

By Jeanne Tan / 24-09-2009

Guided by the overall theme of ExperimentaDesign 2009, 'It's About Time', the major exhibition Lapse in Time presented innovative works from emerging designers who are carving their own interdisciplinary and experimental path in design.

Working with or inventing new materials, concocting their own processes and challenging existing design norms, the designers take a highly personal approach, using their designs to voice their own opinions. Time and process formed a major element in the works. Among this group of 18 international designers were Studio Glithero (Sarah van Gameren and Tim Simpson), Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt, Eric Klarenbeek, Nacho Carbonell and Julien Carretero. The exhibition was curated by Hans Maier-Aichen.

For Lapse in Time, Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt created the mELteD CoLlecTioN, made from melted stacked blue foam normally used for architectural model making. The foam pieces were stacked into shelving and seating, and baked in the biggest industrial oven in the Netherlands. In this way, the seams seemingly melt into each other and a new hard but super light material is created. Julien Carretero's Drag Vases stood centrally in the exhibition - the vases were inspired by the technique traditionally used for producing ornamental cornices where plaster was shaped by a dragging mould. Here the heavy vases are made from synthetic plaster where two 'dragged' halves are joined together in an exaggerated seam. Beside, stood Nacho Carbonell's Evolution chair and Together Pump It Up. Garnering most attention during the opening was the performance that constructed Eric Klarenbeek's new works. Dance students from 'Escola Superior de Dança' carried elements of the two lights into the exhibition space - in a choreographed performance - and slowly assembled the parts together. A highlight was the beautiful Floating Light with a light fitting that is kept afloat due to the hot air generated inside by the light. With their intriguing almost Deconstructivist structure, Studio Glithero presented a giant casting installation - a prelude to 'The Long Drop' planned for next year - whereby a table will be cast by liquid concrete poured down a long winding shoot.

While the works were thought-provoking, innovative, and really inspired visitors to think about how design could be in the future, the products felt a bit lonely without the story behind how they came into being. While some pieces were accompanied by a video showing other works of the designer, a glimpse into the process of how these particular products were made would have complemented the idea of time and showed the thinking behind the designers many of whose work is process-based. The theme 'It's About Time' however was very fitting for this moment in time, where designers are seeing the benefits of putting on the brakes, and reflecting about the future course of their industry.

Main image: Studio Glithero
Image: Eric Klarenbeek
Image:Julien Carretero
Image: Nacho Carbonell
Image: Pieke Bergmans and Peter van der Jagt
Photography: Evolution Productions_José Dantas

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