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It's About Time.

ExperimentaDesign 2009 will take over Lisbon in September with a host of multidisciplinary events that will tackle the theme of time in design.

By Jeanne Tan / 27-08-2009

The tenth anniversary edition of the design biennale ExperimentaDesign, back on home ground in Lisbon after last year's sister event in Amsterdam, addresses the theme: It's About Time.

"How can design address shifting notions of time and urgency? How can designers reconcile the accelerating speed of life with the need for reflection? Can we be fast and slow at the same time? Can we use the networked world to distribute time? Can we develop a new notion of 'time based design'? How can design deal with the social dimensions of time? We spend time - can we earn time as well?"

ExperimentaDesign 2009 will tackle the theme of time over a multitude of events incorporating conferences, design competitions, exhibitions, debates and urban interventions involving diverse creative disciplines from architecture to film to product design to graphic design. Dutch designers have been invited to participate in a range of events spread throughout the Portuguese capital.

Launching at ExperimentaDesign 2009 with an Open Talk session, 'Stop and Think' challenges editors of leading design publications to think about how to foster insightful design criticism. Led by Max Bruinsma, editor of Items magazine and ExperimentaDesign editorial consultant, the initiative is a reaction against the obsession with design media for the latest designs and freshest talent, glossing over serious issues. The project will be carried out as a series of critical essays collected into in a book to be launched in 2010.

'Quick Quick Slow (Word, Image and Time)' looks at time and graphic design in particular how the passage of time and motion is represented. For this exhibition, Peter Bil’ak has filmed a dance/type installation where visitors can type any text, which will be translated to movement. Essentially, visitors will create their own choreographies. Julia Born will present two joint-projects. Secret Instructions (2005 – ongoing) is a collaboration with performer/choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis, consisting of a set of six scores, a programme booklet handed out to the audience and a performance based on the scores. The Calendar (2001) in collaboration with Daria Holme explores different ways of structuring and visualizing time within everyday life.

'Lapse in Time, Design between Elasticity and Socio-cultural Responsibility' highlights young designers who pursue innovation and experimentation in a slow evolving way, examining the effect of time on their projects as well as challenging the methods of industrial manufacturing. The production process of Julien Carretero's Drag Vases was inspired by the technique traditionally used for producing ornamental cornices where plaster was shaped by a dragging mould - only here, it's in 3D. Pieke Bergmans will show a cabinet and chair from her new mELteD CoLlecTioN. Furniture composed of stacked blue foam are baked to create melted forms that flow seamless into each other. Nacho Carbonell will be presenting his Evolution furniture made of layers of recycled paper. Also shown will be a new version of Pump It Up called Together Pump It Up. The Plié by Eric Klarenbeek, an ever-evolving floating light, will be unveiled by an intriguing performance from the 'Escola Superior de Dança'. Studio Glithero will present a giant casting installation - a prelude to 'The Long Drop' planned for next year - whereby a table will be cast by liquid concrete poured down a long winding shoot.

For the 'Efeito D' exhibition, Ed Annink has made a film 'The Washing', a car-wash combined with the famous anti war song by Marlene Dietrich, ‘Where have all the flowers gone’ which symbolises the cleansing of the dirt of war. The film deals with the washing away of guilt, memories and the appreciation of diversity in society. For this exhibition, Richard Hutten, Satyendra Pakhale and Studio Makkink & Bey have also been invited to make installations.

Check the ExperimentaDesign blog for updates.

Main image: Pieke Bergmans, mELteD CoLlecTioN
Image 1&2: Peter Bil’ak, Dancewriter
Image: Julien Carretero, Drag Vases
Image: Erik Klarenbeek, Plié
Image: Julia Born, Calendar (2001), Julia Born & Daria Holme, 42 x 62 cm, offset print, Photography: Josie Sykes
Image: Studio Glithero
Image: Ed Annink, The Washing
Image: Richard Hutten
Image: Studio Makkink & Bey, Photography: Studio Makkink & Bey

Image: Nacho Carbonell, Evolution Lover's chair

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