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Gone with the Wind Tokyo style

Composed of hundreds of small fans that respond to human movement, the interactive artwork 'Flow 5.0' designed by Studio Roosegaarde is currently on exhibition in Tokyo.

By Jeanne Tan / 04-02-2009

The interactive artwork 'Flow 5.0' by Studio Roosegaarde has been selected to be exhibited at The National Art Center Tokyo from February 4 to 15 February, 2008.

For this exhibition, The Japan Media Arts Festival Executive Committee (Agency for Cultural Affairs / The National Art Center, Tokyo / CG-ARTS Society) selected 24 award-winning works from 44 countries and regions in the world. 'Flow 5.0' is exhibited as a special 'Jury Recommendation'.

This year, crossing the barrier between art and entertainment, many works deal with the physical aspects of human beings, including hearing and touch as well as vision.

Flow 5.0 is an interactive landscape made out of hundreds of small fans or ventilators which react to your sound and motion. By walking and interacting the visitor creates an illusive landscape of transparencies and artificial wind. Moving through Flow 5.0 the visitor becomes conscious of him or herself as a collective body, in a dynamic relation with space and technology.

Designer Daan Roosegaarde in Tokyo describes the project: "Flow 5.0 plays with artificial and natural elements of technology to create a situation in which architectural space become 'alive'; as an extension of your senses. Japan is a great country to exhibit this type of art since the people have such a 'natural' way of interacting with technology; from their traditional Zen gardens to the design of their latest LCD screen."

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