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Frans Willigers (Milan)

Frans Willigers will present his chair Dutch Blue during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.  His method of fusing creativity, the essence of materials and the function of design all fuse to create a particularly Dutch narrative.

By Editor / 03-04-2014

Chairs do represent the DNA of a designer and every designer likes to try to make at least one chair throughout his or her career. 

The Zettel Foundation together with Connecting the Dots magazine will present SediaHUB@BUG18 in Milan - and exhibition of just chairs by 20 Dutch designers.  The foundation supports independent chair designers and helps them by accelerating the exhibition process and exposing them to world media as well as producers and cultural organizations.

For his contribution Frans Willigers utilizes his engineering background to create Dutch Blue.  He designed the chair specifically for the Dutch meadows, which are flat and most often soggy.  The flat base of the legs prevent it from sinking into the wet soil.  "It works, but of course it depends on just how much water we are dealing with," says Willigens.

Willigers makes his own models in his Amsterdam studio and then, depending on the materials he wants to move on with, selects skilled craftspeople to make prototypes.  And although chairs have become almost unfashionalable in the upper echelons of design debate, Willigens stands by the ongoing experimentation and exhibiiton of the object. 

"I am fascinated by chairs," he says.  "You can look at the world around you and you see a chair everywhere.  And the design approach is interesting because there is always contact between the human body and the piece of furniture.  You don't have that with a  table or cabinet.  There is also a relationship between the chair and the environment so one must consider scale - both the human scale, but also the relationship between the object and the space."

SediaHUB@BUG18 can be seen at Zona Tortona in Milan from next Tuesday.

SediaHUB@BUG18 is organized by the Zetel Foundation and Connecting the Dots magazine
Place: Via Gaspare Bugatti 18 MIlan
8 - 13th April
opening daily: 10.00 - 19.00

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