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Exclusive sneak peek of the Sustainable Dance Floor for club WATT opening

For club Watt in Rotterdam, Studio Roosegaarde has developed a dance floor that generates energy from the movements of the people dancing on it. The more you dance, the more energy you generate.

By Jeanne Tan / 04-09-2008

Dance till you're green in the face.

The Sustainable Dance Floor is probably going to inspire a whole new style of dance competition. Instead of a regular 'dance off' where people try to outdo each other with the funkiest moves, the aim now will be to find the best dance routine that will generate the most amount of energy.

The dance floor is the focus of club WATT, the world's first Sustainable Dance Club which will open on 4 September in Rotterdam. The concept was concocted by Enviu and Döll- Atelier voor Bouwkunst who were also the designers in collaboration with Kossmann.deJong. The club design aims to put sustainability in a new light: one of the more creative ways this is achieved is by the visualisation and expression of building functions which are normally hidden. For example for the flushing of a toilet, the 'Pee Experience' shows the flow of water through the club from the rooftop rainwater harvesting tank, via a network of transparent water pipes on the ceiling. Furthermore, the male toilets are fitted with waterless urinals.

No doubt, the central feature of the club is the dance floor designed by Studio Roosegaarde, with basic concept by TU Delft Industrieel Ontwerpen. Composed of modules made from recycled PVC and glass, the dance floor is a complex moveable surface that converts the kinetic energy from dancers into electricity, which is then used to power the floor lighting. Creating a direct relationship between the dancer and his or her actions, a light metre indicates the amount of energy generated and the LED lighting in the floor becomes more green the more you dance. 'In this way, people become more aware of their actions and become active in the design. It creates a new kind of freedom and emotional relationship', says Daan Roosegaarde, founder of Studio Roosegaarde. At this stage, the energy is used only to generate the lighting in the dance floor but there are future plans to use this energy to power other parts of the club. Enough talking, it's time to hit the dance floor.

Photography: Lotte Stekelenburg

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