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Two cities. Twenty five events.  Dutch Design Double is back for its third instalment to challenge and encourage debate on design, and the issues driving the industry today.  This year there is particular attention on Gerrit Rietveld's legacy with discussion on whether modernism paved the way for social design.

By Gabrielle Kennedy /asdf 25-08-2010

From September 1st Amsterdam and Utrecht once again join forces for Dutch Design Double.  More than twenty-five design events spanning two months with an emphasis on Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s oeuvre.  In addition there will be a whole host of discussions and debates on the topic of modernism in the current era and its importance as a precursor to social design.

DDD will kick off with a BNO Talkshow.  Curators Ida van Zijl and Ingeborg de Roode will discuss the importance of Rietveld alongside Richard Hutten who will delve into how the master’s work has inspired his own.

Until October 10 the Centraal Museum in Utrecht will show 'Saved By Droog' – an exhibition exploring what designers can do with the products left behind by companies that declare bankruptcy and vacate the premises. DARE, now in its fifth season, will present 'Doing Dissemination', an exhibition focusing on the ways in which research based practices can be communicated in the most effective way.

But it is 'Modernism Today', a part of the Utrecht Manifest agenda, that looks set to really get people talking about the issues influencing design now, especially the movements main ambition, namely, to create a “new work for a new people”.  The related events focus on the role modernism has always played in art and culture and questions if it is still relevant today.
In association with the currently running 'Matisse to Malevich: Pioneers of Modern Art' exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam, a presentation titled 'Modernism in Russia' will be held on 4th September  - Russia’s role in the development of modern design and architecture will be discussed.

In 'Transforming Rietveld: Hoograven Invites You', the development of contemporary design from a socio-political perspective is explored.  The renovation and remodeling possibilities of Rietveld’s legacy are addressed with particular attention paid to social urban design in the Hoograven neighbourhood, where the only social housing ever to be designed by Rietveld exists.

In addition to all this there will be an audio tour of the Rietveld Academy, the annual Woonbeurs Amsterdam event at the Rai and a selected retrospective of the past ten Via Milano exhibitions.   In what looks set to be one of the most interesting exhibits, Via Milano has looked back on all the designs it has ever presented and selected a summary that has the potential to tell a coherent story about contemporary Dutch design.   

For more on exhibitions, lectures, and events see the Dutch Design Double website and click Agenda to find out more about individual events. will be reviewing events and interviewing participants throughout the Dutch Design Double programme.

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