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DMY 2010 highlights

Highlights from this year's DMY Design Festival, which was held in the former Tempelhof airport, included experimental materials from Temporary Collective Arnhem and the elegant centerpieces of DMY Award winners Daphna Issacs and Laurens Manders.

By Jeanne Tan / 17-06-2010

In the 'Youngsters' area of this year's DMY Design Festival Berlin, emerging Dutch designers were out in force: Anna Ter Haar, Studio Joon & Jung, Le Lab, De IntuitieFabriek, Maatlab to name a few. Highlights included Temporary Collective Arnhem who nominated in the DMY Awards and award winners Daphna Issacs and Laurens Manders.

Temporary Collective presented seven recent product design graduates of ArtEZ. United by a love for craftsmanship and materials as well as their experimental philosophies, the students showed an impressive collection of work. Experimental materials was a focus, in particular Debbie Wijskamp with Paperpulp. Inspired by the way different cultures make their homes with materials found in their surroundings, Wijskamp invented her own material from recycled paper pulp. A mixture of pulp and glue is moulded into blocks, dried, and then sawn into bricks. The bricks - which are super hard - are joined with a mortar also made from paper, to create a series of modular cabinets. A collection of delicate accompanying tableware vessels, also made from the same material, contrasts with the solidity of the bricks. Also re-appropriating familiar materials, Jochem de Wit fashioned crockery from clay normally used for bricks and glazed concrete and Kirsten Spuijbroek moulded flowers in porcelain to create a series of ethereal necklaces.

Across the aisle, recent Design Academy graduates Daphna Issacs and Laurens Manders were awarded with one of the three DMY Awards for their 'Tafelstukken' (table pieces). The elegant lighting objects crafted from oak and ceramic, are a contemporary and tactile interpretation of the classical table centerpiece.

Main image: Temporary Collective Arnhem at DMY Berlin
Images 1&2: Debbie Wijskamp
Image 3: Jochem de Wit
Image 4: Kirsten Spuijbroek
Images 5-8: Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders, photography: Milos Djuric

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