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Design Virus mutates into Monsters

In collaboration with textile company Innofa, Pieke Bergmans' Design Virus has manifest itself into a series of enormous and oddly playful design Monsters.

By Jeanne Tan /asdf 14-04-2010

Design Virus Alert

Pieke Bergmans has been commissioned by Dutch textile company Innofa/Stretch Textiles to design a series of Monsters that feature a diverse range of their innovative knitted fabrics. The enormous seating objects are on view at Bergmans' permanent gallery on Via Tortona 12. Each monster is upholstered with the knitted fabrics which allow a greater stretch through their 3D knitted structure. Bergmans describes her monsters: "Horror looks you right between the eyes... You try to scream... you start to freeze.. you’re paralyzed! You close your eyes and hope this is just imagination…"

Innofa/Stretch Textiles also provided textiles for other Dutch designers presenting in Milan this week including Edward van Vliet for his Sushi pieces for Moroso and Bertjan Pot with Jumper chair for Established & Sons and Lazy Bastard armchair for Montis.

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