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Sayaka Yamamoto’s new collection of brooches celebrates the delicate universe of botany and the passion – and obsession - of collecting.

By Editor /asdf 02-09-2010

COLLECSSION is about collecting and obsession.

COLLECSSION is an imaginary word penned by Eindhoven-based Japanese designer Sayaka Yamamoto for her intriguing new collection of brooches. Comprising three separate collections, the brooches are all inspired by different aspects and aesthetics of plants and by the designer’s keen passion for collecting.

The first collection 2nd Life features 88 brooches fashioned from vintage buttons and parts of tiny toy soldiers. Composed to look like parts of plants, upon closer inspection, the soldiers are quite animated, and almost seem like they’re dancing. As the name suggests, it’s a comment on an alternative reality.
Reminiscent of children's inkblot paintings folded in half or the Rorschach psychological test, Tuber takes inspiration from roots. The little brooches – 61 in total – are composed of copper plates each with a layer of acrylic, which is folded and unfolded to create the vein-like effect. Each brooch will always be unique due to the randomness of how the inkblot is folded and unfolded.

Sketch I – Pine is a more sturdy series made of grey sketching cardboard. The material is cut into small pieces and reassembled into compositions inspired by sketches and shapes from nature. Each brooch is a variation on the original piece. Each Sketch has a water-resistant coating but retains a sense of roughness through the material and delicacy through its composition.

Alongside the brooches, there is COLLECSSION BOOK which features 20 pages of A4-size, colour illustrations by Yamamoto. Exhibited in perspex cases like delicate botanical specimens, COLLECSSION is currently on show at Gallery RA, Antwerp, Belgium from 27 August – 21 September 2010.

Besides her own studio, Yamamoto is also one half of BCXSY.

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