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Big Shoes to Fill

Masterminded by Amsterdam Worldwide and featuring a giant sneaker once more, the 'Cycle of Life' campaign celebrates Onitsuka Tiger's 60th anniversary following in the footsteps of 'Electric Tiger Land'.

By Jeanne Tan /asdf 12-02-2009

So the saying goes, whoever follows in the footsteps of someone great will always have big shoes to fill...or something to that effect.

Following on from the successful Electric Tiger Land campaign (featuring the now iconic 3D-rapid prototyped Tokyo-scape sneaker), Onitsuka Tiger has recently launched a new campaign to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the cult Japanese sneaker brand. Devised by Amsterdam Worldwide, the new campaign 'Cycle of Life' revolves around the Japanese Zodiac Calendar and like the previous campaign also involves a one-metre long diorama of an Onitsuka Tiger sneaker. 'Cycle of Life' has been developed across multiple communications channels including an animation, print ads, online and in-store executions.

Amsterdam Worldwide has reworked the ancient Zodiac legend, which tells how 13 animals raced against each other to secure a spot in the Zodiac Calendar of which there are only 12. At the heart of the campaign is the one metre-long Zodiac Race diorama shaped like a sneaker, which recreates a mythical Japanese landscape in miniature. The diorama is hand-built using the five ruling elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. The design features several Japanese landmarks including Mount Fuji, the Tottori sand dunes, ice sculptures from the Hokkaido region, the dry volcanic area of Kyushu and the pylons powering the bright lights of Tokyo. The film can be seen on Onitsuka Tiger’s website.

The diorama also stars in the print campaign which features the Zodiac Race sneaker set against a canvas, traditionally hand-painted in oils. Online, a Zodiac Calculator reveals your zodiac sign and the Onitsuka Tiger products developed for that sign.

The campaign was created in collaboration with New York-based animation studio PandaPanther and Brooklyn Model Works.

Images courtesy of Amsterdam Worldwide.

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