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Best of the Rest: Dutch Design Week

With so many events happening during Dutch Design Week, here's some snippets of other highlights we saw.

By Editor / 30-10-2008

We say goodbye to Dutch Design Week for another year.

With so many events happening during Dutch Design Week, here's some of the other highlights we saw. (images correspond with order of events)

Lift-Off - 'The Truth of Basics, Resetting the History of Living between Four Walls'. The offices of Philip van den Hurk were transformed for the week by 11 installations that explored the concept of being boxed in. Esther Stocker's room 'Grid' felt like a 3D intersecting wireframe realm while the familiar objects in Tejo Remy and Rene Veenhuizen's 'Accidental Carpet and Olke Bolke' were removed from their context and transformed into something new. The rug of blanket remnants was fabulous.
Photography: Raoul Kramer

Modebelofte at the Krabbedans
An overview of the best recent Dutch fashion design graduates selected by Carlo Wijnands from HTNK.

New designs by Robert Bronwasser for Royal Goedewaagen gave existing ceramic forms and motifs a makeover. The 3D rapid prototyped designs at Virtual Making showed the latest technology in this digital manufacturing technique.

Delicious smells of freshly baked pie from the apple pie cart of Maaike Bertens and Marieke van de Bruggen filled the entrance and wafted through the warehouse of Strijp-X. The heat from the apple pie oven warmed the seat of the cart where visitors could sit and enjoy their pie. Also at Strijp-X were the (slightly creepy) mannequins in glass coffins clad in clothes from Red Light Fashion designers, the polder rug by Maaike Bertens and the Remnant Chair by Bo Reudler. At the rear of the warehouse, the Shadow Monster in the 5 Minute Museum amused visitors with an interactive installation that created monsters from their moving silhouettes.

Design Rides
Custom decorated taxis ferried visitors to different DDW venues across the city and saved a lot of walking. The cars were adorned with different props including mannequin torsos, wind-mills, furniture and a replica of the DesignHuis that slightly perplexed Eindhoven locals.
Photography: Boudewijn Bollmann

Food concept by House of Origin. Eating traditional Dutch ingredients in a new way. The bar consisted of different installations mostly made from timber palettes that explored the differences in hospitality between Dutch and international cultures.

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